Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hi! I am Joni and I'm the fifth sister! With a family of seven girls, one might think we are all alike. In our family, one would be quite mistaken! Here are a few things that make me ME! I am the first of the family to be a redhead! I have always loved being a redhead. I feel it makes me unique in a large family.

I love to dance and have taken lessons for a lot of my life. I love ballet, tap, ballroom, polynesian, and folk dancing. I miss my days when I used to take lessons, but I am now 'dancing through life.'
Other ways that make me unique is I married the tallest man of the family. My husband is six feet eight inches! We met when I was home from BYU for the summer and had sworn off dating! I wanted a break from school, tests, papers, and boys. I met him when I had been home only two weeks and we were married that December. I am glad I didn't hold true to my plans because he is a wonderful man and I love him! He may look big and tough but he has a kind heart and very patient. He is perfect for this spit and fire redhead.
Jaron is quite the outdoors-man and has introduced me to hunting and fishing. Once a year I am a hunting widow as he goes off and does manly things.
I graduated from BYU in Elementary Education. I taught third grade and loved it. I ended my second year of teaching six months pregnant. That September we welcomed our first child, Vienna into the world. She is named after Vienna Austria where my husband served an LDS mission.

Eighteen months later we welcomed our little boy Clark into the world. He is all boy. He loves to wrestle and play super heros but he also has a sweet heart like his father. Both kids are the best of friends and have brought so much joy into our lives.
Our family loves adventure. After my husband graduated from BYU in construction management, we moved to Arizona for almost two years and then to Oakland, California for a year. We loved exploring new places and loved the warmer winters. We miss our friends and often dream about our wonderful experiences we had in these parts of the world.

We now live in Northern Utah and are happy to be among family again. I am expecting our third child and couldn't be happier. After nine months of being sick to my stomach all the time and suffering multiple miscarriages, I went on a gluten free journey. I quickly began to feel better and am now carrying this baby! So I am a believer in Gluten Free!
Though I am different in many ways from my sisters, I am the same in that I love my family, I love the Lord, and I love life!

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jsfeatherstone said...

JONI! I am loving this blog you started! How cool is this? Your mom told me about it when I called grandpa and she was there today. I will keep updated with you and all your sisters now. I LOVE this!! I want to stop by and visit you soon :)

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